Tuesday, 29 March 2011

~ Just Recover from My Bad Mood ~

Hi all my frenz .... sorry for long time not update my blog! im quite busy nowadays with my sponsorship, assigmnt, revision, tutorials n ect ...... for ur info ... last week the coop is my moody mood Realized my frenz all my changes of behavior in mine .. thats call gurl hehhehe mood!! hehhehhe but it finally recover this week. Mybe cause of the tension na lot of burden on me ..... btw since my hhehehhee moody recover should continue in my job bt i will focus more on my stdy for this moment ..... erm .... besides im quite bluur about the coop 1matter ... im scared i broke one heart Timur Actually the things should settle by that's person ... but i should errrrm tc of the coop the fluur 1more heart is my heart too ... errrrrr y la life nowadays Quite Difficult ....?? btw 1more thngs where i really miss 1person who is my late grandma!! she had went far aways from this world ... every nite i will cry when i thnk about her grandma .... oooohhh ... im really miss u ... i swear to myself where i will always remember all the sweet memories in my mind til im die ... nu will always be in my heart forever .... i want share my errrrmmmm moody with all of u last week .. i OSO xknow hehhehhee yi be like that ... errmmmm mybe cause of hehehhee problm gurl .. i thought u all know la ... erm beside coat last week quite a lot of work to do, bluur, tension, headache, moody n ect222 .... Whatever it is now .. it limits recover back n im be more energetic for this week .... soooo hopefully it will jocko me til the end of this year LIGHT!! errrmmm k la .. so far only taht la i WNT share with all of u guys ... btw .. kkkk bye tc n wasallam ....