Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Holy Quran - Quran mp3 - Koran kareem

The Holy Quran - Quran mp3 - Koran Kareem
lets join me to hear this amazing sounds nice n ..... BEFORE we died!!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

MJ_is my IDOL

My Opinion Towards MICHEL JACKSON

MJ brought a new phenomenon in our pop music from his lyrics, music and dance Which arrangement became trends nowadays limits even after he died. He worked hard to Achieve his success until he Graded limits of his own life to his fans entertainers. Actually, the message that's he wants to bring into his song is for changeing our mind on discrimination Towards white and black in this world. All his hard work, Courage and sacrifice made ​​limits me to choose him as my IDOL. Hopefully, I will Achieve Success and a big future in my life. ......... I LOVE U MJ

Monday, 19 April 2010

Bingkisan Hati_from My Ustazah!!!

"On your god
Kuluahkan hearts this
I would like to call as they
Flying high in the tower
I tried once but I fell ....
Apparently not strong sayapku
Not able to resist wind
Only able to look up
Seeing them stayed on there
But I'm sure
I'll be there
Be with them
No matter how long the
As long as I'm with them
As long dream fulfilled
Changing fantasy come true
Pelajarku loved ........
Is your teacher has failed and disappointed
But the towering ambition of self kugagahkan
Towering dreams degree
Because I'm sure if we
God willing we will succeed
Oh God thy servant trust only in You ...... "
-Ustazah Fadzilah-

Risk_should be in life!!!

" To laugh is to risk appearing a fool.
To weep is to risk appearing sentimental.
To reach out to another is to risk Involvement.
To Expose your feeling is to risk Involvement.
To place your dreams BEFORE the crowd is to risk ridicule.
To love is to risk not being loved in return.
To go forward in the face of overwelming odds
is to risk failure.
But risk must be taken,
Because the greatest risk of all is to risk nothing.
The person who risks Our nothing, does nothing,
has nothing and is nothing.
He may avoid Suffering and Sorrow,
but he can not learn, he can not feel,
he can not change, he can not Grow
and he can not love.
Chained by his certitudes, he it is a slave.
Only the person who is truly risk free. "

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Pantun_Jiwang Ciptaan Ku

Semakin hari semakin sayang,
Semakin hari semakin terkenag,
Hatiku resah bukan kepalang,
Mengingatkan dikau yang ku sayang...

Daku tidak boleh membohongi diriku,
Kerana daku masih menyayangimu,
Dikau membuat daku merinduimu,
Sehingga daku tidur x lena makan x lalu......

Ingatkah dikau pade diriku???,
Dimana dikau sangat menyayangiku,
Benarkah tiada pengganti dalam hidupmu??,
Membuatkan daku resah selalu.....

Pantun_Mintk Maaf...
Bulan mulia bulan ramadhan,
Maaf dipinta restu diharapkan,
Andai daku mengguris perasaan,
Harap dikau dapat maafkan.... :(

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

My_Parents ( LoVe u GuYs... )

Hohhohohooh.... this my mom!!!!! awet mude au...... wlau 43 thn thun ne...... still like a young lady maaaa...!!!!!! she is a nice mom u know!!!!!
k ar.......... ti cite agi k!!!!!!!!! whatout................... :p

Hhehhee...... this my dad!!!! some kate die muke die like baby face...hehe... erm... what ever la!!!! yg pntg ape????
hahhhahahahhaaa....... ape ar zafeno ne.... 2 wantderpet la!!!!!
he is a spoting dad i have n also caring person...... k ar!!!
i love u dad... MUAH!!!!! lOvE u.. dad.......... :p

Parents who is the basic unit in our family. Its content of mother and father. Without parents, its difficult to form a happy family. This is because, with happy family it can be form a harmony society or community. A happy family can be form when every members in the family be cooperative, loving and respect each others.

Therefore, my parents are everything for me and without them i cant be a person who am i now. On top of that, myself will show who my parents are. That's why we should behave ourself to show our parents characters. Finally, don't ever crushed our parents heart because when we do that, we will destroy our own future. Where our life will be fade.



I love and appreciate my parents very much. I willing to sacrificed my life for them. As we know that, without parents we will not here. Therefore, we as a child should appreciate our parents before they died. Futhermore we, should remember and appreciate our sweet memories with them.
My parents always with me to give their support whem im in trouble or crush otherwise when im in happiness or sadness.
Besides that, with open-minded thinking which had educated from my parents since i was young had make me be a person who am i now. My parents had liberate me to make my own best choice in my life and they will be my back supporter. For me, im such a grateful and luckly childin this world who got a wonderful parents like my mom and my dad. Thanks MOM and DAD.
I LOVE U SO MUCH.................

Scm_pengubah segala-galanya!!!!

Aslmkm kwn22 for ur information!! scm tlh mengubah prjlnn idup sye selame 4bln ne... disebbkn before this sye tlh mengalami penyakit misteri... mesti kwn22 x caye nye.... yes thats true!!!!!
ne gmbr berucp sye mase the last day at scm....
hehhhheheeee... bce la ye!!!
ucpn ne mmbuatkn mak n lecture sye teruje smse sye beri ucpn ari2....

" Assalamualaikum and a very good everning to ladies and gentleman"s. On this beautiful day, I would like to present a topic on 'My happiness in Stamford College Malacca'. Before that, thank you for giving me an opportunity to give a talk today. First and foremost, I want to share something with all of you about my secret. For your information, before I joined this IE course, I was a quiet person in school. I want thank to my parents for sending me here as to improve my english. It teaches me on how to communicate with others. They had changed my negavite behabiour that is 'demure'. The first day when I stepped my foot at Stamford for registration, I felt so worried on how to adapt with a new environment here. That night, I could't sleep because I was thinking about the situation what will I face tomorrow. The next morning, I tried my best to comfort myself to the new condition. When I entered the class, I was shocked when all my friends looked at me and I felt very shy. Then Miss Azu asked me to introduce myself, and all of sudden, my tongue smoothly talked and from that moment it build my confidence. Finally my shyness and quitness have destroyed from my life dictionary. On top of that, I got a lot of good friends who support me from back whenever I'm happy and sad. Besides, all the lectures here are very friendly, supportive, caring and loving people that I ever known before. Last but not least, to all parents here especially my parents En. Abd Rahman bin Omar and Pn. Azizah binti Samsudin, thank you so much for your support. Hopeully, our happiness here will be a stating point for us to achieved our dreams and ambitions in our future. Never in my life, I felt very happy and 'Stamford College' has created the happiness in my life. I will not forget all the sweet memories here for the rest of my life. Thank you 'Stamford College'. I love you all so much. Thank you "

hah kwn22 cmmane??? ok x speech tdi 2...........
mak chek smpi menangis dgr chek speech cm2....