Saturday, 31 December 2011

Ambang akhir 2011......

bye222 2011!!

morning everyone .... today is the last date for us in this year of 2011 ... 2moro we will celebrate the 1st day of 2012 ... hows ur Wishes?? u planed d?? LIGHT ....... myself .... it will be happen .... so we move to the next chapter ... taht i Promise to u all yesterday ...

so we start from Otw back from jb ....

we planed to move back to malacca in the early morning but a bit late around 9am ... then send my daddy Boboi bad dauz to grandma's house near by to town son ... then ... i though we straight away move to malacca. boots as well ... and as usual ..... "org old story" comeback again .... we at there half day .... huhuhuhuuh ... so after that, around 12 smtg .. we move back to malacca smoothly. then we reached malacca around 3smtg .. eveng til the whole night ... we tidy up everythings ....

move to next day .... N WEDNESDAY THURSDAY .....

this to days ... i just stayed at home watching tv, online, reading, watching movie, eat n sleep .... huhuuhuuh that's my routine ... + Helping parents .... a little bit only ...

next move to the coop yesterday ........ part (half day dated wth my bf = bestfrenz)

its begain around 11 smtg BEFORE ..... tht after dawn prayer .... continue slept n wokeup around 845am ... then straight huhuhuuh watching tv + breakfast wth family ... huuhuuuh severe sunnguh! then go for bath n 11 + + move to MP (crown Prade) .... then start finding my bf .. hheehhehee bought 1month hhehhehhee 1st topup topup did .... "broken record" then found her at the bowling center me straight .... then bought tickets for 4persons .... huuhuhuuuhuh the wars began started with me the Bosss ... hhaahhahahaaa at the 2nd last last me for the wars .... after that's move to thai poultry bought my love ..... (basic Mandarin book, world map, grammar book, diary n sticker) .... then went to ate at the food court at ... i just bread .... (diet). then went to zohor prayer .... hehehehhee i treated Corneto ur ice cream sundae .. then hang out around dp (plains warrior) ... chatting around 4pm ..... went back home wth me happy family bcause of my love wth me .... d .... hhahahahaaaa in the evening i online for a while n Helping my mom her calculated budget for this whole year ..... then ..... after performing the West: Prayers online that's again + SEPAH watching drama .... ate dinner while .. then continue my work + blogging twitter updates ... n now im alone here n still typing while hearing my BOULEVARD lovely song> _ < ok i will post it at my video gallery k ... k .... so watch out that's all for yesterday last note for this year ... this chapter will move on .... follow up afternoon k k ... tq n love u all guys ... hahhahha "artist pulak mcm aq da ne" + "noticing myself" ... hahhahahahhahaaa

assalamualaikum .....> _ < n all morning.!!

Friday, 30 December 2011

Zafeno In The House Again !!!!!!!

Zafeno In The House Again> _ < !!

Hi all my readers ..... sorry for not updating my blog for Standard and Poor lovely a long time ... i just finish my first semester of degree last Friday. jb i just comeback from last tuesday .... erm uhhuhuhuu just 3days there. at first my parents planed to Peneng unfortunately, they just planed to JB for 3days .. Because They will be busy next 2weeks ermmmm .... its ok .. i accept and appreciate it. Although 3days but i enjoy it. i Grateful to god for Giving me happy n funny family. we had went to my paklong's house, uncle Adopted house, Desaru, broken bracelets n last lunch and dinner together .... Standard and Poor n faminin a happy family. so for more clear i will put all the pic in my pic gallery ... pls check it out k ...> _ <. BEFORE i forget!! now i know where all my familly GROUP SEPAH love so much ... (that's a previous name for that group ... They limit Seperate n now transform to new group as SEPAHTU). hope u all will enjoy all the pic ... ;)

so that's all for my vocation story at JB for 3days .... we will move to the next chapter ..

Friday, 11 November 2011

Hadis Nabi Tentang Persahabatan

Hi all ... sahabat2 kesibulkan menegejar current world viewed me makes me not able to update my blog this .... btw since last Wednesday, accidently i feel lonely that's getting my life day by day n find somethings that's call friends that's really222 cans guide me to the right path again ... like what my parents said "so ur sister Different light nowadays not like 4 years ago! totally different ..." with a sadness mood. 

In my small heart, i feel that's limit a lot of disappointing that's people really want me to be someone that's useful one day. im an ordinary people but sometimes i cant Realized that's my changes. 

Therefore, i need guiden really2222 call from someone that's FRIENDS taht cans guide n bring me back to the previous NUR Zarifah BINTI RAHMAN.

Perhaps, god will bless n listen my  conscience BEFORE its getting late .........

that's bellows are samples of HADITH MUHAMMAD FROM OUR PROFET ....... HAVE A LOOK!
sorry all in malay .... huuhuhuuhu form ... 

"As good companions with Allah is the best of the best good friend and neighbor in the sight of Allah is he who is best to his neighbor." 
(Narrated by al-Hakim)

From Nu'man bin Bashir, may Allah, the Prophet said, 
"The similitude of the brotherhood of the Muslims in the love and affection between them is like a body. When one member of the body resulting in pain then the whole body became ill and could not sleep. " 

(Narrated by Muslim)

"A Muslim is the brother of another Muslim, he does not mistreat them, lowered, submitted (to the enemy) and not with shame." 

(Narrated by Muslim)

"The best friend is when you see her, you remember God, listen to his words added religion, recalled seeing her movements die."

Allah says which means, 
"O mankind, indeed We have created you from a male and a female and made ​​you into nations and tribes that ye may know each other (and despise each other). Verily, the most honorable of you with Allah is the most righteous of you. Allah is Knower, Aware. " 

(Surat al-Hujurat [049] verse 13)

verse that hints about the role and influence of friends, among them his word that means: 
"O you who believe! Fear and stand with those who are true. " 

(Surat at-Tawbah, verse 119)

Allah's Messenger PBUH Hadith which means, 
"A person is on the religion of his friend by the person should examine who becomes his friend." 

(Narrated by Abu Dawood).

Hadith al-Bukhari from Abu Musa al-Ash'ari, says: 
"likened to a friend who works and evil friend is like (friends) with a perfume seller and a blacksmith. Perfume seller will not squander you, whether you buy it or just get the smell of fragrance. Blacksmiths can also cause your home or your shirt on fire, or have a bad smell. "

What are the characteristics of a good friend? 

Orders al-Qamah (a companion of the Prophet SAW) to his son, 
"My son, if you feel the need for friends with someone, you shall choose the capacity as follows."

  • Pick a friend who likes to protect his friend, he is the decor ourselves and   if we are in lack of maintenance, he likes to suffice the requirement.
  • Choose a companion when you lend a hand to  provide good service or help, he likes to receive and feel overwhelmed,  if they see that there is good in you, he likes to calculate, calculate  (call).
  • Choose a companion when you lend a hand to  provide good service or help, it's like receiving with feeling overwhelmed and  are considered very useful, and if they find out about it yourself disadvantages  like to cover it.
  • Pick a companion if you ask something from it definitely  gives, if you shut up, he started menyapamu first and if there is something  difficult and grief that befell you, he loves to help and  meringankanmu and menghiburkanmu.
  • Choose friends who if you said, it's like allowing speech and  not always believe only. If you submit a  question to the weight he likes to work on and if you disagree  with him, he likes to give to kepentinganmu.

In al-Hikam mentioned, 

"Do not make friends with someone who does not evoke the spirit of obedience to God, charitable behavior, and not lead you on the path of Allah." In a hadith which means, "A person will follow the position of (behavior) friends, because that every man should choose who should be approached as friends (friends). "

Astsaury Sufyan said, 

"Who would hang out with the people to follow them, and whom they should follow in their multi-faceted, and multi-faceted one with them, as they were destroyed."

Be careful or leave only companions as follows:

  1. Friends of greed: it is very greedy, it's just a little bit and ask                                         lot, and it's selfish.
  2. Companions of hypocrisy: it states friendly with respect to the things  of the past, or things to come; he was trying to get  sympathy with empty words; and if there is a chance  to help, it states unwilling.
  3. Friends sycophants: He agreed with all that ye do not matter right  or wrong, the severity of the case that he did not agree with the  guts to explain the truth, is before it  praise you, and it's behind you humble yourself.
  4. Wastrel companion and love of entertainment: they become your friend if you like to party,  like to roam and 'hanging out' at the time  that they should not, like the places of  entertainment and shows.

Ali bin Abi Talib, may Allah said, 
"the worst companion is forcing you specious and force you to apologize or always find an excuse."

Chances are you do mistake (sin), it is disclosed to all the virtues, because persahabatanmu to the substantially lower moral (faith) from you.

best friends
And if you befriend a fool who does not indulge their own desires, rather than making friends with people of the saints who always followed his own desires. But knowledge of what can be called a saint who always followed his own desires, instead of stupidity what can be referred to one who has to rein (holding) desire.

During a hadith evidence: 

"An erection will follow his best friend, because it let one attention, who should be friends."

According to the poem are: 

"Anyone hang out with good people, will live virtuous. And mingle with people of low morals, certainly not honorable. "
Make friends with a lower sense and faith is very dangerous, because the friendship is mutual influence-mempengaru hi, believe, believe that with so it was hard to see friends datu correct errors our loved ones, even friends will defend our faith in the offense confusion sin, thus we will surely perish by it.

Be careful in choosing friends, because friends can be the mirror of one's personal. Whatever make friends for God to find him pleased.

"I invent a lie that only those who believe not in the Signs of Allah and they are a liar, liar." 

(An-Nahl verse 105)

"Whoever told me what I did not say, let It be ready to take his place in Hell."

(HR: Az-Zahabi viewed Al-Kabair.)

so thats all that i can share with u all of u .... hope it will be useful for all perhaps.

Monday, 3 October 2011

what is the secret behind this date??? 3/10/11

Assalamualikum and very good morning to all my readers ..... sorry for the long time not update this page ... Students as we know that how busy of life for us to face even every second also quite IMPORTANT for us. Therefore, today 10/03/11 i would like to share somethings that's Meaningful for me and hope it same goes to all of u .... LIGHT. 

Today on words, i really hope it will be a day for me to change myself the coop to be a good daughter, student, sister and mans in the world. but i know it impossible to do the coop so we know that every single time we as human for sure we did not Realized we even mistake it. Therefore, to move to next level of life that's call (emigration) from bad to good quite Difficult for us to Achieve it unless we have enough strength and high determination to go for it. 

hope on this date its really help me to do so and find true love Toward GOD but not human anymore. n faith unless it given by God. this date really symbolic for me to analyze it limits determine why it got for me to think and Realized the secret behind it. tq God. Giving me for guidance and mercy to me. LIGHT i will try my best to do so ... and i Promise to limit myself it will be a secret between me and Allah only. hope GOD give me enough strength to face all this with patience and Sincerity on it. =)


Berpesonaliti attractive and charming.
Easily approachable.
Very shy and Secretive.
Very good Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic.
Very sensitive to the spoken word and the environment.
Like in peace.
Very sensitive to other people.
Compatible with a career of service to others.
Not quick-tempered and very trustworthy.
Know respond and be grateful.
Observations and assessments are very sharp.
Tendency to bear a grudge, if not controlled.
Like a dreamer.
Like to travel.
Very loving and loves attention very high.
Chaos in choosing a mate.
Like with household furnishings.
Got talent dalalm art music.
The tendency to compare and better things.
Do not by taste or mood.


Fancy a chat.
Like those who loved him.
Like take jln center.
Very charming & manners.
Outdoor & Beauty inside.
Not good at lying & pretend.
Easy sympathy, good and concerned friend.
Always make friends.
His heart was easily disturbed but merajuknya shortly.
How selfish.
Not help people unless asked.
Like to see from your own perspective.
Not like thank the views of others.
Emotions are easily disturbed.
Like chestnuts & talk.
Emotional chaos.
The force is very strong hunch (especially girls).
Loves to travel, the arts & art.
Loving, caring & gentleness.
Romance in the romance.
Easily disturbed liver jealous.
Take care of others.
Like outdoor activities.
A fair.
Boros & vulnerable environment.
Easily discouraged.


Many of the ideas in the articles.
It's hard to be understood or to understand his attitude.
Think ahead.
Think unique and intelligent.
Full of new ideas extraordinary.
Sharp thinking.
Hunch's very fine and high.
Suitable be a doctor.
Dynamic personality.
The secretive nature, can unearth and discover the secret.
Many think, less talk but friendly.
Brave, loyal and generous lot of patience.
Too stubborn and hard-hearted.
When desires something, will run until successful.
I love angry unless threatened.
Easy to care for others.
Clever self-reflection.
Another way of thinking of other people.
The brain is very sharp.
Clever push yourself.
Not appreciate the praise.
The strength of spirit and the fighting spirit is very high when the desires something.
Try to succeed.
Fun to be with.
Love and emotions are very deep and intimate.
Not sure of a loving relationship.
Love to sit at home.
Very hardworking and highly skilled craftsmen.
Trustworthy, honest, loyal and clever secrets.
Not very successful in controlling emotions.
Behavior unpredictable and volatile

why this date?? yes its really symbolic to myself to think ..... is it related to people birthday?? i mean people that i really know and love BEFORE?? or people that i really hate school stamp?? but i never hate people ..... or is it month after people birthday?? if yes why?? maybe god give me guidance limit for me to open and create new life and that's book after previous scene really hurt my feeling and heart. and find a true love only that's Towards GOD!! near to ALLAH .... ask for help from GOD ..... & from sicking avoid human Towards Which is only while in the world but if it will be GOD Towards permanent and last longer in PARADISE ....... 


Sunday, 17 July 2011



4. DO kindness
5. Preaching to GOD
6. AMAL nahi munkar
14. CONNECTING strengthening the relationship
24. Creed AFTER READING ablution
25. PRAY when the Call.
26. Adhaan
31. Prayer Friday
33. ACCOMPANYING THE PRAYERS IN CASE obligatory prayers rawatib
36. Duha prayer
38. FAST
40. 6HARI fasting in Shawwal
44. Prayer a horse
46. ​​Hajj and Umrah
47. 19HARI do good MONTH AT Muharram
48. JIHAT of Allah
49. INFAK of Allah
51. KEEP TONGUE & Genitals
52. PRIORITY SAY ilaha illallah & Subhanallah WA BIHAMDIH
54. Eliminate interference from ROAD
58. VISITED SAUDARA2 sisters
59. Obey HUSBAND

Salam Nisfu Saa'ban to all MUSLIM n MUSLIMAH in MALAYSIA n all OVER THE WORLD...

Salam n very good evening to all my readers ... sorry for x Standard and Poor update this page for a long time .. busy doing my assignment after class just started n Night SCM done well last few weeks ago .... erm ... my result just relese on last wednesday .... its quite disappointed When my result CGPA drop drop ... 0:14 erm .... btw now i wake up n move go on to make it better this sem ... Therefore, i limits start with few steps and Ways to solve it .. MAY GOD BLESS ME ... besides that ... i got this new gold sem to Aim 3.5 n above n change my behavior ... =)

btw since today on Wards i want to apply what i had done during your my PMR .... LIGHT BEFORE ..... wish me all the best!!

today i feel very happy ...... =) tq Jennie ....

Liver relieved when reviewing the tongue ..... it is the first step aq changed everything for this .. enough la aq idly n forget .. tq Lord give me a 2nd change .....

SALAM nisfu SAA'BAN 2ALL OF U. ...

Saturday, 4 June 2011

a day after final exam!!!!

huhhu salam guys!!! sorry for long time x update this blog cause nowadays is such busy day where i need to handle many things in a day. erm but after my final i feel such a free day but im still worried with my result later on cause im bit play22 in this sem... by the way after stdy last minute.... hehehheheheeeeee ok i can catch it all the subject but im quite worried with my OB subject!!!! errrrrr hope in this sem i will got 3 pointer n above im x put too high achivement in this sem cause iknow my level. ermmm such a boring day talk about final... but i want share my bat day in my final exam day.

First i wake up late bit then i need. its around 5am somethings + i fasting but im quite blurr2222 after wokeup. cause of too sleepy. then my dad wokeup ask me u eat d not???? OMG i saw watch that 5.30 am d... then i rush to kitchen n my dad help me toaster 2 pieces of bread... then i drink plane water then i put jam onto the bread but the sad things is when i want eat there AZAn d.... OMG i vomit it from my mouth... then i PASRAh..

next im worried im xenough prepare on OB.. OMG sure die n xknow how to answer later on...  quite worried. then i tidy up myself. then drove to college. OMG xparking there. then i park in front of 1 uncle house. xinfront of his house k... then 30 minute before the final mr siva call my name there will be big trouble!!!! come lets go. OMG then miss secreteries comeout with mr siva. im scared d. but just ignore them. then i said nvm miss my fault. miss scolded me. no x ur fault. then they looks like fight. then i drove my car to mamak stall. then more worst went suddently i saw principal there.... OMG die me. but luckly i save.. heehhe they keep fight again. then mr siva said miss die got final exam. i just smile then miss said y not tell me??? hehhehee i keep smile.. how i want told u if u all keep fight????? im scared lerrr....

then i went back to 3rd floor by using stairs. OMG i feel like ant die..... cant breathe then 10minutes more final start. OMG i feel like clumsy then i close my note... OMG feel all gone in my brain... god i PASRAH to u.... hehehhhe with proud i walk to the exam hall with xenough prepared.... hahhhahaaa how dare u???? then enter exam hall.... look like blurrr2222.. then exam start.... OMG then i saw the questions i feel want cry where i feel i cant answer all!!!!!!!!!! scared.... then i calm down.... ALHAMDULILAH... eventhough x too correct but at last can answer all... errrrrr 2 hours moves like water fall..... hhahhahhahaaaa...

after final!!!!!!! yessss.... my sem break 2weeks... but i cnt free all the time.... sponsorship + practice dance..... errrrrrrr ok.... thats my job!!!! accept it without sign......

ermmmm then rush fetch my sis.. LILY!!!!!!!!!! errrrr then have a chat with her in a car..... then my journey start where did update on my sponsorship thngs.... then having a meeting.... the went to dp... errrrr i feel like y me ???????? x other people????? herrrrrrrr....... y la y la???

after 1 hour at dp.... then went back to college wnet update at miss zuraika's room..... hoohohoo shok got air corn then me n lily move to confrence room.... huhuhuuuuu.... then after settle it went back home with lily need to send her again!!!!!!!!!!! errrrrrrrrr tired lorrrrr..... arrive home pray n wait until BERBUKA..... my mom bought kuew tiow only..... erm.. its ok.... then AZAn d eat pray n straight on my laptop.. huhuhu 1 week x on it.... miss u baby!!!!  + sms with my sweet heart!!!! guess who???? hahhahahaaaaaa... i oso xknow.... erm... who am i to falling in love.... if we just clap 1 hand it wont give any sound.... so i x want to be more then tht.. enough 2 times before..... hahahhahhaa love story pulak...

then 10 - 12 pm watch tv... actually my eyes too pain d.... but just ignore it... hahhahaa after finish that drama.... i went to pray n went bad..... errrrrr such tired + bat day for me.... huhuuuhuhuu hope this monday will be my happy day for me!!!!!!!

PERHAPS....... !!!!!!!

HAVING A DATE WITH MY SWEET HEART + MY BEST FRENZ... HAHHAHAHAHHAAAA... : P hope it will make me smile + laugh + happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Thursday, 7 April 2011

~ sadness feeling of yesterday ~

errrmmm yesterday i Awoke around 3.30am today .... btw same like after took a bath around 7.45am i went to college buy Rushing ........ n then arrive college ENTERED BS Class n accidently i heard my classmate said 2day got an e-commerce class .... yi x know about it?? n im the only one did not brought the note!! n yyyy yyyy?? erm .... n btw NVM ENTERED eCommerce clss without any preparation for the quiz ... n accidently miss Postpone we said it with the simile i said "overwhelmed miss" tq. miss then gave us a short 20 question n 4essei question .... then i feel want cry .. cause i did not brought my note to laura n thnx ponggi to borrowed me only .. Their note may god bless u all ... . then took after class without any lunch .. im Rushing to my car n took my sponsorship file then went to discussion room at the lobby ..... then update all Those things ... n bits we move late yesterday .... n ask about the hotel some more .... then i think lily n Pooi shen limit made me angry n thats make my moody then come back .... ermmm NVM la ... then we move .... 2day we got 2group .. 1st mine, ai wen, mila n margerate then we move to troubled waters went 6company n we had .... 2nd syafiqah, lily n Pooi shen ..... They all went 4 company .. at Melaka Raya. .. then we went back home ..... the sad things is when i back home my parents ask me a lot of question .... that's n that ... u all know im not too tired 2day?? n x finish even ate some more .. my head really pine ... then i fight with my dad .... errrrr ..... quarer every time like this ......... yyyyy yyyyy n i be like this ... be like a tomboy n swampy forest every time? ix want be like this ... boot environment make me like this .... is it anyone know my feelings?? Actually ix want to be like this i really hope one day i can be a really good n nice daughter to my parents ... but when?? i guess it .... pllsssss god guide me ..... i really need the changes .. i xwant i make parents look down on me ... n iknow WHO AM I!!! really sad yesterday .. until i slept i cried ..........

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

~ Just Recover from My Bad Mood ~

Hi all my frenz .... sorry for long time not update my blog! im quite busy nowadays with my sponsorship, assigmnt, revision, tutorials n ect ...... for ur info ... last week the coop is my moody mood Realized my frenz all my changes of behavior in mine .. thats call gurl hehhehe mood!! hehhehhe but it finally recover this week. Mybe cause of the tension na lot of burden on me ..... btw since my hhehehhee moody recover should continue in my job bt i will focus more on my stdy for this moment ..... erm .... besides im quite bluur about the coop 1matter ... im scared i broke one heart Timur Actually the things should settle by that's person ... but i should errrrm tc of the coop the fluur 1more heart is my heart too ... errrrrr y la life nowadays Quite Difficult ....?? btw 1more thngs where i really miss 1person who is my late grandma!! she had went far aways from this world ... every nite i will cry when i thnk about her grandma .... oooohhh ... im really miss u ... i swear to myself where i will always remember all the sweet memories in my mind til im die ... nu will always be in my heart forever .... i want share my errrrmmmm moody with all of u last week .. i OSO xknow hehhehhee yi be like that ... errmmmm mybe cause of hehehhee problm gurl .. i thought u all know la ... erm beside coat last week quite a lot of work to do, bluur, tension, headache, moody n ect222 .... Whatever it is now .. it limits recover back n im be more energetic for this week .... soooo hopefully it will jocko me til the end of this year LIGHT!! errrmmm k la .. so far only taht la i WNT share with all of u guys ... btw .. kkkk bye tc n wasallam ....