Monday, 3 October 2011

what is the secret behind this date??? 3/10/11

Assalamualikum and very good morning to all my readers ..... sorry for the long time not update this page ... Students as we know that how busy of life for us to face even every second also quite IMPORTANT for us. Therefore, today 10/03/11 i would like to share somethings that's Meaningful for me and hope it same goes to all of u .... LIGHT. 

Today on words, i really hope it will be a day for me to change myself the coop to be a good daughter, student, sister and mans in the world. but i know it impossible to do the coop so we know that every single time we as human for sure we did not Realized we even mistake it. Therefore, to move to next level of life that's call (emigration) from bad to good quite Difficult for us to Achieve it unless we have enough strength and high determination to go for it. 

hope on this date its really help me to do so and find true love Toward GOD but not human anymore. n faith unless it given by God. this date really symbolic for me to analyze it limits determine why it got for me to think and Realized the secret behind it. tq God. Giving me for guidance and mercy to me. LIGHT i will try my best to do so ... and i Promise to limit myself it will be a secret between me and Allah only. hope GOD give me enough strength to face all this with patience and Sincerity on it. =)


Berpesonaliti attractive and charming.
Easily approachable.
Very shy and Secretive.
Very good Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic.
Very sensitive to the spoken word and the environment.
Like in peace.
Very sensitive to other people.
Compatible with a career of service to others.
Not quick-tempered and very trustworthy.
Know respond and be grateful.
Observations and assessments are very sharp.
Tendency to bear a grudge, if not controlled.
Like a dreamer.
Like to travel.
Very loving and loves attention very high.
Chaos in choosing a mate.
Like with household furnishings.
Got talent dalalm art music.
The tendency to compare and better things.
Do not by taste or mood.


Fancy a chat.
Like those who loved him.
Like take jln center.
Very charming & manners.
Outdoor & Beauty inside.
Not good at lying & pretend.
Easy sympathy, good and concerned friend.
Always make friends.
His heart was easily disturbed but merajuknya shortly.
How selfish.
Not help people unless asked.
Like to see from your own perspective.
Not like thank the views of others.
Emotions are easily disturbed.
Like chestnuts & talk.
Emotional chaos.
The force is very strong hunch (especially girls).
Loves to travel, the arts & art.
Loving, caring & gentleness.
Romance in the romance.
Easily disturbed liver jealous.
Take care of others.
Like outdoor activities.
A fair.
Boros & vulnerable environment.
Easily discouraged.


Many of the ideas in the articles.
It's hard to be understood or to understand his attitude.
Think ahead.
Think unique and intelligent.
Full of new ideas extraordinary.
Sharp thinking.
Hunch's very fine and high.
Suitable be a doctor.
Dynamic personality.
The secretive nature, can unearth and discover the secret.
Many think, less talk but friendly.
Brave, loyal and generous lot of patience.
Too stubborn and hard-hearted.
When desires something, will run until successful.
I love angry unless threatened.
Easy to care for others.
Clever self-reflection.
Another way of thinking of other people.
The brain is very sharp.
Clever push yourself.
Not appreciate the praise.
The strength of spirit and the fighting spirit is very high when the desires something.
Try to succeed.
Fun to be with.
Love and emotions are very deep and intimate.
Not sure of a loving relationship.
Love to sit at home.
Very hardworking and highly skilled craftsmen.
Trustworthy, honest, loyal and clever secrets.
Not very successful in controlling emotions.
Behavior unpredictable and volatile

why this date?? yes its really symbolic to myself to think ..... is it related to people birthday?? i mean people that i really know and love BEFORE?? or people that i really hate school stamp?? but i never hate people ..... or is it month after people birthday?? if yes why?? maybe god give me guidance limit for me to open and create new life and that's book after previous scene really hurt my feeling and heart. and find a true love only that's Towards GOD!! near to ALLAH .... ask for help from GOD ..... & from sicking avoid human Towards Which is only while in the world but if it will be GOD Towards permanent and last longer in PARADISE .......