Thursday, 7 April 2011

~ sadness feeling of yesterday ~

errrmmm yesterday i Awoke around 3.30am today .... btw same like after took a bath around 7.45am i went to college buy Rushing ........ n then arrive college ENTERED BS Class n accidently i heard my classmate said 2day got an e-commerce class .... yi x know about it?? n im the only one did not brought the note!! n yyyy yyyy?? erm .... n btw NVM ENTERED eCommerce clss without any preparation for the quiz ... n accidently miss Postpone we said it with the simile i said "overwhelmed miss" tq. miss then gave us a short 20 question n 4essei question .... then i feel want cry .. cause i did not brought my note to laura n thnx ponggi to borrowed me only .. Their note may god bless u all ... . then took after class without any lunch .. im Rushing to my car n took my sponsorship file then went to discussion room at the lobby ..... then update all Those things ... n bits we move late yesterday .... n ask about the hotel some more .... then i think lily n Pooi shen limit made me angry n thats make my moody then come back .... ermmm NVM la ... then we move .... 2day we got 2group .. 1st mine, ai wen, mila n margerate then we move to troubled waters went 6company n we had .... 2nd syafiqah, lily n Pooi shen ..... They all went 4 company .. at Melaka Raya. .. then we went back home ..... the sad things is when i back home my parents ask me a lot of question .... that's n that ... u all know im not too tired 2day?? n x finish even ate some more .. my head really pine ... then i fight with my dad .... errrrr ..... quarer every time like this ......... yyyyy yyyyy n i be like this ... be like a tomboy n swampy forest every time? ix want be like this ... boot environment make me like this .... is it anyone know my feelings?? Actually ix want to be like this i really hope one day i can be a really good n nice daughter to my parents ... but when?? i guess it .... pllsssss god guide me ..... i really need the changes .. i xwant i make parents look down on me ... n iknow WHO AM I!!! really sad yesterday .. until i slept i cried ..........