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Wajah Direnung 70 Kali Sehari

Hi dear citizen blogger, today I want to share the article on realized their death.  

Article merto dated 9 April 2012 (Friday) by Mohd Fadly this Samsudin benar2 touched me until I was intrigued to share with you all on the dissemination of knowledge ... =) 


REALLY no one can fathom the moment of death when they will arrive. That's why many are still complacent and unprepared 'waiting' time of their death.

Allah says in the Quran: "Every living will taste death, and We test you by evil and by good by way of trial, and to Us you will be returned." (Surah al-Anbiyak verse 35)

Do we know that the angel of death is always staring and looking at someone's face 70 times a day? If they are aware of the fact that they would not default remember death.

As the angel of death is a supernatural being, man can not see his presence, that's why people do not realize what the angel Azrael.

Hadith of the Prophet narrated by Abdullah bin Abbas reported that the Prophet said in a hadith: "That the angel of death watching a human face on this earth 70 times a day. During Azrael comes staring at someone, it is found that the person is the laughter. then Azrael said: 'What a surprise I saw this when I was sent by God to take away his life, but he is still having fun and laughing.' "

Thus, not surprisingly, if many people are still incapable of laughing lavishly laid-back types as they have no problem to think about in life.

Tomorrow's the last day of destiny God 'lend' us to breathe life on this earth do we have enough supply to meet the next two phases of the grave and the hereafter?

There is no one in this world can describe how their feelings and experiences when they encounter death.

Doom did not know anyone whether they are young, old, healthy, rich or poor.

Prophet also said in hadith that pain when dying like 100 times slashed with a sharp sword or like ripped the skin from the meat while alive.

Imagine how painful and horrible when facing death.

If you want to be included who uprooted his life in a state of suffering.

So is anyone who succeeds his death in khusnul khatimah (welfare).

Salman Al-Farisi narrated that the Prophet saw that says: "Behold three things to people who are already almost dead. Firstly: sweat on forehead cheeks; second and third teary eyes: fluffy flat nostrils.

"But if it's muddy like choking, his face looks dark and cloudy and foamy mouth, indicating marked Allah are upon him." (Hadith narrated by Abdullah, al-Hakim and at-Tirmizi)

Death of 'inviting' people slowly or gradually starting from the body, then toe to thigh.

For unbelievers, when his life be uprooted Azrael, his face will be dark and murky and muddy as he invoked.

That was a sign of the punishment he received because of their sin and unbelief.

Al-Qamah bin Abdullah narrated that the Prophet's hadith that says: "That the spirits of the believers will be drawn by Azrael from his body slowly and well, while the souls of the unbelievers will be grabbed roughly by the angel of death seemed to take a life of a khimar."

He also strikes a Muslim guilty of rudeness when they breathed his last in some cases sin.

Maybe some unbelievers who die in peace because during his life he might do good and it is a reward for him because every charity will be rewarded.

But they do not believe, it is not the reward of virtue and still justly punished in the Hereafter.

Messenger says: "When a person has to die then will go into a group of angels tiny holes in the body and then they took his spirit through both his feet right up to the knee.

"After that came other angels in the spirit of the knees up to the stomach and then they come out. Comes back a collection of other angels came in and took his spirit from the stomach up into the chest and then they come out.

"And the end was coming back in a group of angels and the spirit from the chest up to the throat and that is the dying seconds of the person."

Archangel Azrael run commands God perfectly. He was sent only to lift the spirits of sick time or spirit of mischief and disaster.

Death may occur because of disasters such as earthquakes, floods, fires, and there is also a death due to an accident, attacked threatening diseases such as cancer, heart disease, AIDS, dengue and cholera.

A person who is seriously ill, a blessing of high value because God has given them the opportunity to realize their mistake they did during life.

But then they still have the opportunity to repent from sin and error. Similarly, the sudden death due to an accident.
It's a lesson and a reminder to those who are still alive to be careful and not default strive to improve themselves.

Thus, for those who have been given life must always take heed to everything that happened.

He gave the cause of death to fulfill His promise to the angel of death.

Umar Abbas narrated in a hadith, among others explain angel Azrael was upset when tasked lift the spirits of living beings. I this because of the living creatures, including human beings are made ​​up of those whom the Apostles, prophets, saints and righteous people.  Angel of Death complain to God how he was not liked Adam as  he may be ridiculed for repeal of the human spirit that the people mourn the loss of loved ones in their lives.

Thus, if a Muslim dies, some important steps have to be done as a funeral home in the right place as a respected, circumcision puts his feet pointing towards the Qibla, remove the clothing sewn, funeral cover with a thin cloth over the whole of his body, press the her eyes and mouth, put both hands on his chest as the body of the circumstances he should (standing) during prayers, put a moderate weight on his stomach like scissors and knives as well as circumcision for the kiss of life remains.  Muslims are prohibited from associating the death of a Muslim man with a certain brand.  's causing Muslims are backward because too many believe the myth and superstition.  event of the death as an accident for example we are forbidden to ask beneficiaries what constitutes anomalous done before his death.  Nobody can avoid die but God and death will come in time.  Whenever someone cometh, Muslims are encouraged to give advice to the family of the deceased to remain calm and plenty of patience.  Islamic prohibiting such screaming and weeping outrageous death.

They are still living with the opportunity to improve yourself used turned out a lot of mistakes and errors.
No force or effort that can save us from death.

The death of a human heart be sad and break with your loved ones. Only good deeds alone will lead us to meet God. 

Reflect WITH CLARIFICATION ON. May it be of mutual benefit. Waasalam .....

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